Every athlete is unique, every sport passionate is different

We know that!
Either you are a twirler or a majorette, you deserve your space. That’s why with our Colored Twirling Batons we intended to introduce in your everyday routine an opportunity to distinguish yourself and to feel unique as you are. Furthermore, we can also engrave your baton with your name, which will make your personal twirling equipment really expressing you and your personality.

Kamaleon Twirling Batons consist of a Star Line colored professional balanced shaft and our Made in Italy color rubber Ball & Tip, conceived with an exclusive anti rolling design. All is available in 12 amazing colors, because we want to give you a wide choice of expressions. And you…
what color are you twirling today?

Discover our rainbow

Colors have meanings and bring different emotions to us while we use them, our Kamaleon Colors carry with them different sensations, discover them all!


Black is associated with power and control, fundamental qualities of a twirler that needs to pull and catch the baton hundreds of times while moving and dancing.


Pink is a positive color that transmits confidence and optimism. Training for your best performance must always be fun… as a candy for a kid!


Yellow is a bright color: it expresses vivacity and dynamism. Joy and happyness play a major role in a twirling performance or a majorette parade: dare to be crazy!



Green exudes a sense of balance, compassion and harmony. Which is exactly what you need when throwing and catching your baton hundreds of times. Let’s bite the apple.


Green exudes a sense of balance, compassion and harmony, exactly what you need when throwing and catching your twirling baton hundreds of times. Enter the jungle with us!


Red is the color of fire and is often associated with energy and passion, which are the fundaments of your love for twirling. As Italians, we have a latin heart that always guides us.


Orange combines physical and mental energy. This balance is necessary to master the baton during every performance, and everyone knows that spicy food tastes better.


White reminds of space, light and infinity. It is the sum of all the colors. Lightness transforms your movements in harmonious shows, giving that sense of fashion that will distinguish you.


Blue conveys calm and serenity, What is more peaceful than a sleeping child?  Live the dreams of a baby sleep to focus on your inner balance.



Deep blue slows down breathing and lowers blood pressure. It’s perfect for moments of concentrations and discipline: take a dip in the sea. 


Grey expresses intellectual capacity and sharpness, because of its nature of neutral color. Sport is body and mind, and you need to train both, blowing away smoky toughts.


Purple is the color that expresses the reconciliation of opposites (red and blue) and the search for new balances, with a touch of magic. Find your fairy mindset!

Professional balance by Star Line Batons, different weights

Our FULL COLOR KAMALEON BATON is made of balanced Star Line USA shaft, 11 mm (7/16 in)

You can have these items Custom Engraved
With your name, your team or whatever you prefer

BRAND NEW! Tuttifrutti

You can also match the colors as you prefer, mixing colored or chrome shafts with the Ball & Tip colors you like
Express your creativity to the fullest!

Buy now your colored Twirling Baton!