We are an Italian team of passionate people that since 2012 operate in the sector of online shopping of technical articles for Majorettes and Twirling. We are located in northern Piedmont, in Ivrea.

We are obsessed with quality and craft productions so we carefully choose our suppliers: they are mostly Italian and have small realities that we love to help and sustain. They care about the quality of raw materials and that’s why we love them! You can be sure that every package we prepare in our warehouse is done with the care and the attention of Italian craftsmanship. It’s in our nature!


Barbara Sirio, a former majorette, dancer and dance teacher, ruled a Dance School in Ivrea for 20 years. Starting 2010 she decided to change her business because managing the school was carrying her away from what she liked: serving the dancers, the young passionate and the practitioners. As CEO of a big reality, she was much more involved in organization, administration and bureaucratic tasks, it was time to change.

Barbara stood a while to understand in which way she could express herself and decided to organize the first online shop in Italy to serve anybody who wanted to approach Cheerleading, Majorette or Twirling, no one was doing that at that time and Barbara is a pioneer in heart. With Sirio Store since 2012 she has supplied technical material and accessories for Twirling and Majorettes to hundreds of teams in Italy and in Europe.

Right before the pandemic, she decided to create also a proper business on colored batons, again as a pioneer, joining the american quality of Starline Shafts with an Italian production of rubber: that’s how Kamaleon Baton became a separate business, in which she was joined by other business people. Today, Kamaleon Baton is the only worldwide reality that offers professional colored twirling batons available in 12 different shades.


Ileana is the person that helps in managing shipping and orders since years!

She is near to Barbara since the years of the Dance School and she knows how to be efficient and nice with clients. Her gentle hands are behind each shipment.


Alessandra recently joined the team: she is in care of communication and marketing and has special keen for social media. As a new addition, she clearly sees the innovative potential of Kamaleon Batons and the excellent skills of the team, acquired during 10 years.

Customize your Twirling Baton with your name or a short sentence of your choice!