Color your twirling baton!

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions"
Pablo Picasso

Twirling is an amazing discipline that all over the world enchants young children, teens and people of all ages, that decide to join a marching band, a majorette team or also decide to practice this sport as athletes. Twirling combines dance and gymnastics while manipulating one, two or three batons at the same time. As a performer, you need to express your creativity everyday and with our colored batons we help you in feeling your mood and restyle your performance.

Personalize your twirling baton with the color you prefer


Kamaleon Twirling Batons, color or white rubber Ball & Tip Made in Italy – exclusive anti rolling design, with Star Line colored professional balanced shaft. 12 amazing colors!


Kamaleon Competition Batons, white rubber Made in Italy and steel balanced shaft Star Line made in U.S.A. – exclusive anti rolling design.


Kamaleon baton bags, colorful, practical and funny, to carry and protect your Twirling Baton. Available in different shapes and material.


Kamaleon overgrip, various color, the best durability and adherence.

What you can expect
from Kamaleon Batons:

Professional performance

Tick shaft from ©Star line

Italian high quality anallergical rubber

12 colors you can choose from

Free shipping for orders >69€

Excellent Customer Service

Some of the skills you learn from twirling:



Throwing and catching the Baton over and over again can be frustrating. Even if you fail a million times, you will always remember the amazing feeling that comes over you when you finally succeed.  You have to keep trying in order to get what you want.



Whether it’s marching in a parade or doing a performance, all of the performers must look like a collective unit, not individual people twirling together. You learn to be a part of a whole. In good and bad moments.


Time management

Many practices are long. You have to organize your tasks before and after practice. You have to balance your other activities around baton. Managing time is an asset necessary in many aspects of life as family or work.

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